We are Jesse & Joelle Christofferson- Husband & Wife Duo

Our first date was over a cup of coffee. Our engagement included a coffee stop, and our wedding unity symbol was a French Press Coffee. Plus we had some great friends run a pour over coffee bar for us at our reception. You could say we love us some good coffee! We have a history of working as baristas and Joelle has even managed a coffee shop in the Wisconsin Dells area. We both have been trained and love to continuously perfect our ability to make delicious lattes with great artwork for each drink!

We are Dreamers | We love adventure. We take risks… Big risks. And we have fallen on our faces- more than once.

We love People | We make espresso drinks, but creating espresso drinks means nothing if we are not helping create memories for people. Cedar & Sea helps us connect to people over the simpleness of delicious coffee drinks!

We love Jesus | He has transformed our lives so much and we love to share the joy of the Lord with people- simply by loving people and enjoying people.

We love Simplicity |The little things in life are oftentimes the most important things in life. We are on a constant process of simplifying so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

We love to Create |We were born to create! From making lattes, to melodies, to creating songs on instruments, to sewing, to painting canvases, to decorating our home. Creating brings us so much life.